• Garlicky Gorgeous

    10 Jan, 2016
    The world is divided into two parts- the garlic lovers and the garlic haters! Can there be anything more polarising than a harmless looking clove of this humble bulb? Well... Whether you go weak in the knees with just the aroma of  it'sintense flavour, or have never really been a fan of its...
  • Seafood Slurping in Mirissa

    02 Jan, 2016
    Sri Lanka is a land of many charms and it is incredible how such a seemingly tiny nation can pack in so much diversity in its topography, climate, culture and of course food. While arguably the culinary claim to fame of this emerald isle is the “curry and rice” combination which is a stunning...
  • Pour Some Ginger On Me

    25 Dec, 2015
    Juicy, fleshy, candied or chopped, with honey or with vinegar, in your biscuits or some cake, an aromatic curry or your favourite brew, in dressing or in wine- there are many ways to consume this hot and fragrant root, but each one is so special and so magical. Ginger- truly the emperor of all...
  • Whats Your Story Morning Glory

    01 Dec, 2015
    Sometimes the simplest things can give the greatest joys. Our travails into the innards of South East Asia landed us in the land of the Khmer and famed Angkor Wat- Cambodia and thus began a new culinary journey. As a heads up, it can be safe to assume that Cambodia, which is sandwiched between two...