• Garlicky Gorgeous

    10 Jan, 2016

    The world is divided into two parts- the garlic lovers and the garlic haters! Can there be anything more polarising than a harmless looking clove of this humble bulb?

    Well… Whether you go weak in the knees with just the aroma of  it’sintense flavour, or have never really been a fan of its overpowering slightly bossy nature, the fact of the matter is that you cannot go far on any culinary journey anywhere in the world without encountering this pungent and very distinct creation.

    Let’s begin at home- just a dash of crushed or chopped garlic lifts our curries, and can there be any comparable joy to a nicely crisp Garlic Naan getting dunked in a greasy but comforting bowl of your favourite daal? Which reminds me actually of the magical number garlic weaves on any kind of breads- truly a made for each other jodi! From the overdone garlic bread to herbed toasties to freshly baked French baguettes smeared with garlic to crostini and delightful bruschetta- this is a meal on the go that is both filling and flavourful.

    All good things come in small packages, and so even flavour intense cultures like India and Thailand use garlic with caution. However, one of my most memorable meals has actually been a home cooked curry and rice combination savoured in the hills of Ella in Sri Lanka whose main star was a most stellar garlic clove curry. Yes- whole garlic cloves swimming lazily with each in a creamy curry, soft and tender, with just a hint of garlicyness and as mushy as a Yash Raj film.

    I could ramble on my clear love for garlic, and how it adds bounce to grilled fish, magic to stir fries and life to soups. I could also tell you that it helps keep the devil away if you please. But why not explore our menu and discover for yourself the headiness this cute chunky bulb has to offer and start off a love affair of your own?