• Pour Some Ginger On Me

    25 Dec, 2015

    Juicy, fleshy, candied or chopped, with honey or with vinegar, in your biscuits or some cake, an aromatic curry or your favourite brew, in dressing or in wine- there are many ways to consume this hot and fragrant root, but each one is so special and so magical. Ginger- truly the emperor of all roots that has served as a kitchen spice since forever, is perhaps the most versatile root that ever existed, and continues to add fire and body to whatever form it takes.

    Indian food seems to start with the holy triumvirate of onion-ginger-garlic, and it is tough to imagine a thick curry or your favourite dals without copious amounts of fresh ginger. And of course, our national drink, the evergreen and uplifting cup of ‘masala’ chai is like impossible without the magic of ginger. But look around a bit, both east and west and you will observe the delightful and innovative uses of ginger and it’s power to leave such a distinct flavour stamp.

    A warming spice, ginger has long been linked to having therapeutic benefits and hence a perennial favourite specially in the winter months. In the Orient, ginger adds body and warmth to stews and traditional brews, and the Chinese also add whole or sliced ginger to savoury delights like steamed fish. The Vietnamese also use the leaves of ginger to provide a much subtler flavour to broths and shrimp soup.

    On the other side, ginger adds much delight and magic to sweet treats and headier drinks! From ginger snaps to melt in mouth buttery ginger cookies, to of course ginger wine famous in the UK, the rather spice unfriendly palate of the West does manage to find ways to sneak in this root with a punch in daily celebrations!

    And why not- when something is as good as it is heady, as versatile as it is invigorating, it is sure to be by your side in every culinary adventure. At Foozy, we salute this zippy and scintillating flavour, and will keep surprising you with its unexpected use across our elective menu!



    Team Foozy