About Us

Gooey. Crunchy. Spicy. Meaty. Cheesy. Fresh. Grilled. Saucy. Steamed. Sweet. Savoury. Hot. Crispy. Baked. Juicy. Hearty.

What flavour are you in the mood for?

FOOZY gives you new food flavours every day. That are as varied and interesting as you. Because no two hunger moments are the same. And we have something for every hunger moment.

About the team:

The FOOZY team is a bunch of food fanatics who wake up in the middle of night because they dreamt of being drowned in an avalanche of edible goodness. Who sit down to eat but forget to get up because they start having a crazy conversation on which spice would have worked better in lifting the sauce on the fish. Who read menus more carefully than they read their high school textbooks. Who make it their business to know every dish they hear of, right down to each ingredient and recipe detail.

These dedicated kings and queens of obsessive gastronomy have gotten together to whip up pure and unadulterated food pleasure for you. Sourcing from their passion and love for food, and from travels around the world and India, they will deliver to your doorstep interesting and personally curated meals that will be memorable and delicious.